Lunviu was established in September 2021.All our products are handwoven by elderly people and disabled people living alone.
Let us pass on the love to everyone. ❤

  • Carnation Bouquet


    ❤Red Carnation: Maternal Love
    ❤Pink Carnations: Love, Korea
    ❤White carnations: true love, purity
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  • Tuilp

    ❤Red Tulip: declaration of love, joy, devotion
    ❤Yellow Tulip: Nobility, Preciousness, Wealth
    ❤Purple Tulip: Endless Love, Favorite, Eternal Love
    ❤White tulips: innocence, purity
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  • Rose

    ❤Red Rose: Hot Love, I Love You
    ❤Pink roses: first love,bright smile
    ❤Yellow roses: expressing apologies, blessings, jealousy
    ❤Purple roses: precious and unique
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    Strictly select environmentally friendly materials and 100% handmade.

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